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Budzburn D9 Dope Rope Blue Razz

Budzburn D9 Dope Rope Blue Razz

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Our Delta 9 Dope Ropes are a gummy rope covered in rainbow candy so tasty that words can’t even begin to describe these tear and share favorites at any social gathering. Currently available in Strawberry, Cherry, Blue Razz, Rainbow, Watermelon  flavor, these Medicated Candy Ropes are infused with 100mg Delta9 and 500mg Delta 8 THC in each package which altogether makes these medicated gummy ropes satisfy both your sweet tooth cravings and muscles after a long workout or long day after work.

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Flavor: Blue Razz
Strain: 100% Hemp Derived
Effect: Creative, focused, happy, soothing
Size: 8 servings per container
Strength: 100mg total
Delta-9 THC<0.3%

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